4x5 Plus X development =)

Last week I was out and about and ran into a thirft store on my way from work. As it turns out the guy that owns the place had some boxes loaded with darkroom stuff. So of course I had to buy it; I mean come on who can pass up on an offer like darkroom stuff! Needless to say there was a bunch of 4x5 film in the box. Although it looked pretty old; which it was (expired in 1970), I had to buy it. Later that week I decided to test out a sheet of Plus X. I really wasn't sure if it would work but I had to try it out. After taking the shot I realized that I was stuck in the dilemma. How was I going to develop my film not owning a 4x5 tank? Searching the web and not really sure what I was looking for I ran into what is called the taco method.Once again I was stuck in the fact that I didn't own any tanks big enough to develop my sheet in. Going back to the thrift store in hopes that I would find something that I could use, I found a 4 reel tank and thought to myself, why not. Traditionally people use a paterson tank, and being that this was a steel tank I wasn't sure if the film would be scratched or not. Taking my chances I went to developing with what I will call the "Taco rolled in a "please do not scratch my film" steel tank Method."

For demo perposes I took these shots chronologically backwards.


Here we have the Tank with the film in it.. not much to explain here...other then I developed it in R09 for 10mins. I used a 1:100 solution of 800ML


Shot of the the inside of the tank with the film in it.



Shot of the film rolled around the reel holder that came with the tank. As you can tell I used two hair bands instead of the traditional one that you would use in a preston tank. For those that don't know, you are suppose to roll the film emulation side in. The way you figure this out in the dark, is to feel for the tiny notches on the edge of the film. When done right, they should be on the lower right corner when facing you.


Here we have my first ever developed sheet film drying and awaiting to be scanned =)

The only problem now is that all I own is an epson 500 so im going to have to scan it in parts... Ill post the results in my next post =)

With that,  Happy shooting and Happy Developing....

(No film was scratched in the making of this development!!!!!!)