Nikonos V results

Ok, so this week has been crazy. A photographer friend and myself wanted to do an underwater shoot. As it is,  it was like the photography gods didn't want this underwater shoot to happen. We had models cancel on us, not to include trying to find a pool to accommodate our needs. In the end we ended up using a friends lake which didn't give us the results we wanted. The water was to murky and the lack of light made it hard to capture anything underwater; well that and being inexperienced in water photography didn't help as well. In the end we had a blast and although didnt get the results we had in mind, this shoot helped us understand the difficulties when it comes to underwater photography. We are planning another shoot this coming weekend. I am 100% sure the results will be better! I will save the whole Nikonos experience for a later post. so with that.. Happy shooting, and Happy developing!

Some results from this last weekend, photos were taken on Portra 400 and edited in Alien Skin's Exposure.



img126 img158 copy img159 img160 img166 copy img185 img189 wateredit