Olympus Trip 35 (Quick summary)


I first heard of the Olympus trip 35 on eBay. After a bit of research I decided it would be a great buy. The best part of it all was that is was only a few bucks. I purchased the camera "as is" like most cameras I buy online. It took about a week to arrive, but once in my hands I was super excited to get some film into it. The Trip 35 works off of a manual focusing scale. The scale is basically broken down to 4 focussing settings/icons. By setting the lens to "A" for automatic you can choose one of the distance settings.  The first being a headshot (3ft), next we have 2 people which is like 5ft, next to that is a group shot (10ft) and last we have a mountain which represents infinity.


The Trip works off of a selenium cell to determine its exposure. To be honest I was kind of weary about mine. I hear that over time the cell tends to stop working giving you wrong exposures.  As far as film, it can take anything from ASA 25 to 400 with the exception of ASA 32. Personally I enjoy tossing 400 BW film in mine.
when I first operated the camera I over analyzed my shots. The best approach is to treat it more as "a point and shoot" then a traditional SLR. I first determine my distance before hand, knowing the distance I have set, I go out and shoot from that distance; instead of fixing my settings for each shot. Other then that the camera is pretty simple. If you do happen to want to change your distance scale on the fly you can do so by looking through the viewfinder, and as you can see you can see a small preview of your settings in the lower right corner of your viewfinder.
A few last things to mention. The camera has a 1/40th and 1/200th of a shutter, both which are automatically selected. The Trip also has an aperture of F2.8 to F22. If  your exposure happens to fall below 1/40th of a sec, a red tongue will pop up in your viewfinder stopping you from making the exposure. My Trip's red tongue tends not to work every time so I just make sure that I shoot during the day. There are flash settings that are adjusted manually, but to be honest I have never used mine.  I use mine mainly for street photography and having a flash on the Trip is not convenient. I will post my results on my next post. So with that….Happy shooting and Happy developing!!!
A quick search on Ebay and you'll be days away from owning  an Olympus Trip 35 =)
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