Operation Photo Rescue

A little update on Operation Photo Rescue. After filling out the application I received a letter from their organization. To ensure the quality of the restorations you have to restore a photo that they send you as part of the application process. here are the requirements: Operation Photo Rescue


Thank you for your interest in joining OPR.  Your generous gift of time and talent would be greatly appreciated.  Because even seasoned restorers are often astonished with the extent of damage done to the photos we are face with, we give all potential volunteers a photo from one of our copy runs to restore before proceeding with registration.


1)     Please color-correct the attached photo before attempting any damage control.

2)     After you have color-corrected the attached photo, please continue to restore it to you best ability.  Helpful information can be found by reviewing the attached jpg:  OPR Restoration Guidelines.  Special note:  This particular file was copied crooked at the copy run.  Straighten the image and create a white border on all four sides maintaining original file dimensions.

3)     When you have completed your restoration of the attached photo please email it to me at  maintaining the same dimensions, resolution, and file type as the original.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email me.  I look forward to hearing from you and completing your registration as an OPR volunteer.

Operation Photo Rescue

All in all it took me about an hour to work on this photo, The hardest part was fixing the background. my solution was to just clone from the surrounding areas piece by piece.  In the end this is what I sent back to them... hope this encourages you to give back.... once again here are the links if you find yourself interested in helping.