Street with the Mamiya 645 Pro


This last weekend as you know, I tested out a Recesky that I received as a gift, but that was not before running into a craft fair providing me with the perfect opportunity for some street photography. I had with me two other cameras, my all time favorite for street, an olympus Trip 35. The other was my portrait camera, a Mamiya 645 Pro. The Trip  35 was loaded with Tri-X 400 and the Mamiya had Arista EDU Ultra 400 in it. Once I arrived home I took to developing both rolls. After fixing both rolls, I was suprised to find that the Tri-x had somehow not developed correctly, either that or my Trip 35 had failed on me. Either way, I will have to test the Trip 35 later this week, but in the mean time here are some of the photos that I shot on the Mamiya.


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