The Tiny TLR (Recesky)

retro, lomo and quirky, are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the Recesky. As you know I took this little bundle of joy out for spin at the beach this past weekend. As far as challenges I had 2, but after considering the price and quality of the camera I soon found myself embracing them. The first being was the focusing. according the To the manual you need o view your focus from a 10 in height, unlike traditional TRL camera's that have a focusing aid the Recesky has none. I found it best to focus in and out and find a happy medium when trying to get a sharp image. The second was the camera's advance knob. I found that there was a bit of slack when trying to advance the film to the next frame, allowing for mixed exposures. After a bit of research on the web, I found that if you put a bit of pressure on the back door of the Recesky you would get clean spaced frames. In the end I found the camera a joy to shoot with. Now bust out that piggy bank and head to the net to buy your very own Recesky!  


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