Tiny TLR!!! (Recesky)

Today was an attempt to yet another underwater shoot, and I have to say it is tough. So much to go over....but for right now that post is sitting on the shelf for the time being. In the mean time...let me share a gift I received from a talented and good friend of mine...a tidy bity TLR...THE RECESKY!!! IMG_6699


Ok...for starters, my first reaction was COOOOL!!! I have always been one to test out new cameras, especially ones that I would have to work on.. and as you guessed it.. this little TLR was a DIY! But my "YAY!!" Attitude quickly changed to an "Hmmmmm.... oh crap!" If and when you buy one of these lovely DIY's you will notice that on the back there is a quick summary about the assembly and materials that will be needed. For starters... it says one hour.. not me slow but it was more like 3! the "ON" Knife and scissors... yup, not needed...the same goes for the Card stock.  what I did need was a lot of patience, and a small Philips screw driver.




A photo of what you will find inside of the box.... looks simple huh?? well it kind of is and it isn't =) The following are just some snapshots of the process, I had planned to take more photos and explain each one in detail, but between the "OH CRAP!'s" and "WTH's" I forgot to take the photos that I needed. So instead I will try my best to give you some tips with the photos that I did take =)



TIP: When emptying your bags, DO NOT be like "Oh cool extra screws!!!!" you will need each one and there will be no extras!

IMG_9932IMG_9932 copy

TIP: when building the shutter, there was one confusing step and took me a good minute to understand what they were talking about. This was differently one of those WTH! moments.  If you read the directions you will notice that you have to apply a spring to that U shaped piece in the middle. well what helped me was to place the long spring piece to the divider and to not insert U shape piece into its spot all the way. Instead hook it into the other spring end and give it a full turn to tighten the spring a bit and then slide it into its slot. Not sure if that helped and only caused you to have another "WTH!" moment. If it did your welcome and you may continue to the next tip.



TIP: DO NOT take random photos and forget what you were going to say about them later... other then that.. this is the Obscura chamber.



TIP: When Attaching the Door, the take up spool and the mirror not pictured here, make sure that you have one side of the TLR not screwed in al the way.. it helps when trying to make wiggle room when sliding them in.


Another Random shot... the View finder.


TIP: ok for the view lens and the photographic lens as they call them, you will have to place them on top together and screw them in the same time. My copy of the instructions said not to keep twisting if they seem tough when turning. That was not the case with my build, I had to twist them past the tough spot due to a little plastic piece in the threading put in there I suspect to keep you from unscrewing the lens off the TLR.


So thats the end of this half tutorial. Hope that I could have been of some help. I will be testing this tiny bundle of joy tomorrow at the beach so stay tuned for my future posts where ill talking a little more about how this tiny TLR performed. With that Happy shooting and Happy Developing!!