4x5 Kodak Plus-X expiration: 1979

In my last post, I shared that a friend (Kristin) and I had a water photoshoot with another photographer (Chelsea) posing as our model. After a few photos of her being splashed with water, we decided to take her outside for some less chaotic portraits.  Wanting them to be awesome, I decided to bust out the 4x5 Crown Graphic! 4x5 CM

Having never had her photo taken on 4x5 sheet film, she was totally excited about the idea. Sitting her down I got my focus and loaded the camera with some Kodak Plus-X. The only thing that had me worried was that the film Had expired back in 1979.  In the end, I think the portrait came out great, I even added a wet plate look on top of it just for fun.

wet p edit

In my next post Ill talk a little more about my developing process, Ive tweaked it a bit from my last 4x5!

Also If you have time Go over to Chelsea's and Kristin's website and check out some of their awesome work!

Chelsea McKinley Photography

Kristin Irons Photography

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