4x5 sharping salvation!

A bit of advice when loading 4x5 film! Don't do it at 12am at night! I say this because after inspecting the sheets I developed yesterday,  I noticed that the borders of the sheets were way off. I believe that my incorrect loading due to my tiredness, bent the film a bit. Determining this, I figure that the of the misaligned  film tossed my plane of focus off.  Lucky with a High pass sharpening technique, I was able to save these 2 beautiful portraits! One thing I do have to say is that for film from 1980, it did extremely well!  I'll have to post at a later time my high pass sharpening trick for saving missed focused photos. *Styling done by Ann Jae Styles & Company (910) 580-5762

4x5 GG shoot-1

4x5 GG shoot-2