The Memory within

Going back through a roll that I developed the other day, I was amazed by the photos that I captured. Not because they are amazing in themselves, but because of what I was doing at that moment. I try to do my best and carry a camera with me everywhere I go, for the most part that camera is always some kind of 35mm. Looking back I not only see cool photos, but I see places and people within the time frame of when the photos were taken. For instance, The photo with the row beers, I took it while having dinner with my wife and in the company of some real great photography friends. Or the branch coming out of the tree, I took that on my way to a race that my wife and I were headed to. And last, the photo of the grass through the fence. That photo was taken on my last day in the Army.  In everything you photograph, make sure to not only capture the subject but the memory it self. I like to call these little memories a "The memory within."  To me sometimes those are more lasting then the photos themselves. img569

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