Great Gatsby Shoot! (Expired VPS 120mm)

This last sunday I was invited to a Great Gatsby Shoot! The whole thing was nothing but fun! The models really upped their game on this shoot! My only regret was that I had brought expired film. I tend to save my fresh stuff for paid shoots, but Im learning that If I know a shoot is going to be awesome that I need to bust out the good stuff! In the end My negatives didn't give me the latitude I wanted them to in the shadows, but I was still pleased with the results. Apart from that, I did bring some fresh HP5+ which I loaded into my Rolleiflex, Ill post some of those laters. But for now heres 5 to satisfy your film hunger! *Styling done by Ann Jae Styles & Company (910) 580-5762


great gatsby 120mm-9

great gatsby 120mm-24 great gatsby 120mm-32 great gatsby 120mm-34-Edit great gatsby 120mm-35

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