GREEN for GO Minolta xd 11

Yesterday I took one of my Ebay wins for a test drive. Although I own one already I am ashamed to say that I have not really read all the manual on this beauty. In my defense I blame it on the fact that 90% of the time I always set the camera on manual mode. Well when testing out this XD I thought It would be nice to test out some flash photography while I was at it.  Well what I didn't know what that the Green on the 125th setting really isn't green for the XD's flash sync speed. dail

The reasoning behind the green 125 was Minoltas way of marketing their brand new camera, The XD-11. By setting All three settings to their green indicators. The camera  ran off of its "ASC" system that incorporated a unique "targeted programming" capability. Basically controlling both aperture and shutter speed automatically. Making photography as simple as it could get.


Although I learned this after the fact, it still proved to be useful as I will continue using this camera throughout the week. Another thing to note is that when using flash you should set your shutter speed to the red X; which is 1/100th and is the camera's sync speed.



Photo taken thinking 125th was the camera's sync speed.


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