Millers lab

With life starting to slow down I have finally got the chance to send out my film to be processed and scanned by millers photo lab! From what I hear they offer a quick turn around and should be expecting my photos next week. For those that don't know millers lab still develops and scans film; but only color :( sorry my BW friends. 20130607-120931.jpg


To be honest it was a fast processes. First you need to sign up for millers on their web site. From there once you get approved you can have them ship you film order forms straight from their site. After that it's as easy as removing your film from your camera, tossing it in their mailing packets, filling out the form and shipping it off. The best part is that it's free shipping!! Anyways I have included a few photos of what the forms and mailing packets look like. Remember if all your looking for is developing and scanning, just check the appropriate film size, in my case it was 120. The film type, Portra 400.




Finally if you are not looking for proofs then you will want to skip down to the lower right corner and check the biggest file scan size.  Lastly Check if you want your film Cut or Uncut.



Thats it for now... Ill post their scan results sometime next week! Till then.. grab your camera and go out and shoot something!!!

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