Millers Lab is Here!

I would like to start this post by saying that I am by no means an expert in reviews. Saying that, let us move on to our review =) Last week on friday I sent out my film to be processed and scanned my millers Lab. To my surprise I received my negatives faster then I thought. For starters let me start off by saying how awesome it was to shoot my film, seal it up, and ship it off for free!  Now when I say free, I mean the shipping. The development and scanning did cost me, but not as much as I thought! My total was a little over 10 bucks! (That includes overnight shipment)

Arriving today as promised via Fed-Ex, I received a well packaged box.


In that box was a smaller box containing my film as well as a thank you card and a CD with my scans =)

DSC03688 DSC03691


In the end I was pleased with their services. They were fast as promised and delivered my negatives in a safe manner!

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