Restoration project

  I was giving a restoration project from a friend yesterday, and to be honest it after looking at the damage of the photo I was kind of intimidated. From a glance the first thought that ran through my head was "WOW...alright....I think I can work with this..." After some thinking of how I was going to get this on digitals I went with a 3 part scan.

Once I had the 3 parts I then used Adobe Bridge and used the Photomerge tool to stitch them together.

My settings were pretty basic as you can tell.

After letting photoshop do its thing I was presented with this beautiful mess =)

From there My first step was to replace the border which was pretty easy. Using the marquee tool I selected the main image, then inverted the selection to as to only have the border selected. I then selected a nice sepia sample and used that to paint in where the border should be.

After the border was completed, I then moved on to the main damage done to the photo. My basic restoration tools were the healing tool and the cloning tool. Below I have posted some before and after screen shots. Remember that when you are cloning to ONLY clone from clean spots to restore the damaged areas. As for the area where the faces were to far damaged I used parts from other people in the crowed. REMEMBER, Please save yourself the embarrassment by only using those parts that resemble the person that you are cloning in! It would not be a good day to find out that you cloned out the relative of the person you are doing the restoration project for! =)