The Magic of 6x6 format

I have a Rolleiflex that a friend of mine in the army gave to me on my last deployment. I was totally surprised by the gesture and extremely grateful for the gift. There has alway been something about the way that it handles film that I just love about it. Not to mention it came with a beautiful 80 F2.8, which really helps with creating beautiful DOF's and photographs. I finally finished scanning the last roll of 120 HP5+ that I ran though it last week, and let me tell you I am totally happy with all the shots. For those that don't know, when using a TLR for the most part you get a total of 12 photographs out of one roll. This last roll I got 10 great images with the other 2 being duplicates. Ok, enough of the chatter and on to the photos! =) *Styling done by Ann Jae Styles & Company (910) 580-5762


great gatsby 120mm-18

great gatsby 120mm-17Great Gatsby 6x6-2Great Gatsby 6x6-3great gatsby 120mm-15Great Gatsby 6x6-4Great Gatsby 6x6-5Great Gatsby 6x6-6Great Gatsby 6x6-1great gatsby 120mm-16