eBay Find! $24 buck TLR! Yashica D


Call me a Hoarder, or someone with a bad case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Either way I don't think anyone can pass up on a good deal. Like a crazed hamster on a carrot stick, I couldn't help myself and had to hit the Bid button. Yes folks, thats right, I AM AN EBAY BUYER! 

What I find most interesting about eBay is the hunt of it all! You never know what you will find! Of course you will run into auctions from time to time where the item is ridiculously priced! It is times like those that I wish there was a "SLAP THE SELLER" button instead of the "BID NOW." 


The camera you see in the two photos above is a Yashica D.  What makes this camera cool is that I got it for $24 bucks!!!!!! and that it is a TLR; TLR stands for twin-lens reflex camera. The camera is made up of two lens, one for viewing and one that takes the photo.  Below are a few photos taken with this camera. 


One of the first things I check once I receive a camera from eBay is the shutter speeds. Using my ultra sonic ear drum I listen to the shutter sound of each setting to determine it's accuracy. This by no means is an accurate way to measure the shutter speeds of a camera, but it will give you a good idea if the camera needs a cleaning or not. If 1/500th sounds like a 1/2 of a second then something is wrong!


Another thing I like to examine are the aperture blades of a camera or lens. I separate the two because for those that don't know, some cameras like the Yashica D and some rangefinder cameras do not have interchangeable lens and have their apertures blades built inside. Making sure that a camera's aperture blades are nice and clean and work properly are extremely important. 


The Last thing I check for are light leaks, this is done only after having shot a roll of film through a camera. If after developing and scanning I notice the presence of light leaks, I come to the conclusion that the camera needs to be resealed. This is an easy process and a quick search on youtube can help with learning how to seal a camera for light leaks. Other then that there are also the basics...the cleanliness of the lens... is there fungus on the lens, are there any scratches.. if the camera has interchangeable lenses, then it's not a bigge, but if it doesn't and the camera is stuck with the lens it has, then for the most part the camera is a NO GO. Alright folks, that is it for now....until next time =)