Preparing for a Shoot!

I sometimes wonder when photographing a couple, family, or just any plain shoot for that matter, why I feel like my photography is sucking. Or better yet why I feel like I'm out of sync with the basic understandings of photography. I have come to one conclusion, its a lack of warm up time!


I was reading the other day the best way to set yourself up for any shoot is to warm up by taking photos of anything that is around you. Being that later today I have a family session, I thought it would benefit me to warm up by scouting my back yard for some creativity! 


Like always, I just stood there for a min and thought to myself, if I were yard how would I want to be photographed! I then decided to roll around the grass hoping to become one with the yard....Ok haha I didn't do any of that, but basically just walked around and shot whatever caught my eye! =)  


In the end, it felt good to know that I would be ready for this evening shoot, I mean if you can make pinecones and mushrooms look cool then a family of 3 would be a piece of cake! Stay tuned...I'll be posting a few teaser photos from todays shoot later on tonight!