Darkroom Gardens! (Iphone Documentation with a hint of ZD)

Darkroom Gardens!

(Iphone Documentation with a hint of ZD)


When I was younger, I grow up on a raisin (Grape) vineyard. Apart from working long hours in the field, my parents had a small garden planted on the side of the house. Although it started off small, now a days its a full fledged garden filled with tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and a numerous amount of fruit trees. Missing those days, I decided to grow a garden of my own, well to be exact a raised garden bed!

Step 1

Get some supplies. To be honest, I was lost in this department, for the most part my parents were the ones that bought all the stuff, and well my siblings and I were the works haha! So I had to ask the cashier for some help, luckily she knew her stuff and was of great use! I ended up buying a few bags of Top Soil, and two raised garden kits, one was a two bed kit and the other being a one bed kit! 



Step 2

Find yourself some open space, I choose a spot that got the most sun, they recommend choosing a spot that get about 6 hours of sun! My supervisor, Miss Lola approved of the spot!  


Step 3

Measure out your spot and start digging, you want a make sure you have a flat foundation to put your raised garden on!  



Step 4

Once, you've dug your foundation, you need to lay down some weed blocking plastic stuff (I don't know the proper name) . I guess this prevents weeds from growing up into your garden bed! 


Step 5

Once, the weed plastic thing is put in place, its time to put the first level of the garden bed. I found this part kind of hard, My foundation wasn't big enough at first, and then it was a bit crooked! so I had to dig around and reposition it! 





Step 6

Get a second opinion! After seeing me struggling, Miss Lola decided to inspect my work! Luckily after a few grunts and barks, I passed her inspection!!!!!!  

Step 7

Once, everything looks good, its time to build the whole thing. This part was easy, just lay in the rest of the boards, making sure you don't move the foundation around.  


Step 8

Start Filling your bed with the Top Soil. This was tiring as well! Being that Lola was the Boss, she thought that it would be unprofessional to help me with the lifting. Something about crossing the line between Boss and employee.  




Step 9

Once everything is filled it's just a matter of cleaning up the removed dirt and grass. When that is done you can start Planting!!!!!



Now, I bet your wondering, ok this is nice and great, but what does this have to do with photography??? Well my photo friends, it's all about planning! Just like this garden bed, it takes preparation and determination to make a photo really work! So My challenge to you is, go out there and plan a shoot, don't just go out and see what you can find! (although there is a place and time for spontaneity, there is nothing like making photo through creative planning. There is something about seeing the images that are in your mind come to life!)