Estate Sale Find!

Soooo... this morning happen to be one of those mornings where you can't help but hear a camera crying out for help! utilizing my inner film voice, I made my way out to a local estate sale!   


After some searching around the countless tables of antiques.. I found this beauty! A Super Ric0hflex! Whats a Super Ricohflex you ask... well its an old camera! ok, to be honest I don't know much about this baby, but what I do know was that it came with both a 120mm and 35mm film back! In laymen terms that means I could shoot both formats on one camera! Pretty cool huh! What made it a even better buy is the fact that it was already loaded and exposed with some kodak Pan BW film! Don't know about you, but I love mystery rolls! Ill have to develop this sometime tonight or tomorrow, either way can't wait to see what turns out! So stay tuned! 

William HarrisComment