Embracing our "old" selves in the New Year.

I went for a run today, something that I have not done in like a few months. And as I was running, I couldn't help but think how many others would be doing the same, working towards a healthier them as the new year approaches. All this thinking, then lead me to the concept of change and as human beings should we really try and reinvent ourselves each year?

Camera Mamiya 645AFD   Medium: Mamiya ZD

Camera Mamiya 645AFD

Medium: Mamiya ZD

Disclaimer: No crows were hurt in the making of this photo =) I have him trained to play dead on command.. I am only joking, its an old halloween prop!

The photo above can be interpreted a few ways... with death comes life... there is a new beginning to every end... as the new year approaches, the old self dies and paves a way for the new self...and so forth. For me, this photo isn't all about all this "rebirth" stuff, but an embrace of who you are... instead of reinventing yourself, embrace your current state. When I took this photo, I was down and in a funk and instead of creating a cheerful photo, that might have given me a false facade of happiness, I decided to embrace it. And you know what? Sometimes embracing who we currently are is where some of our best creations are fabricated. So as the new year approaches, I challenge you to not make some cookie cut image of yourself but grow in who you currently are, and that my film/digital friends is where true beauty is born. So with that, I wish everyone a happy New Year and until next time, remember all the cool kids still shoot film! =)