Paper negative blues

last week as you know, I ventured out to one of my favorite spots the antique stores downtown, to walk around and shoot whatever caught my eye. Since then I have been in somewhat a photo funk. Trying to find time to shoot just for the sake of shooting, is pretty rare when you add up all the daily responsibilities of life. That is why when I finally decided to carve out some time to shoot a bit of 4x5 I was totally stoked! 


I find that when I need some cheering up, just simply firing off a few shots will do the trick. This time it happened to be two photographs of an Argus C3. For those that don't know, there is some cool history about this little camera, AKA the brick, this model has seen decades of use! That said, I have included both negative and positive of the image. 


Last tidbit of information before I sign off.  When shooting on 4x5 what you are basically producing is a negative image of what your photographing; hence why you see the negative above. You can then make it a positive via two methods. One is to simply scan it and invert it in photoshop, which is what I did above. The other is to expose your negative on top of photo paper and then develop that exposure accordingly, but like always, that is for another post =) Alright, thats it for now!!! Till next time My film loving friends =) 

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