The Art of the selfy!

So, not to long ago Oxford Dictionaries declared the word of 2013 was selfy... weird right?! I mean just the mere word makes you want to dig into your pocket and pull your phone out and take one..  so thats what we are going to do today! Take a Selfy! 


Step 1

set up your camera. This can be done with any old DSLR, or cellphone, most of them have reversible cameras on them that allow you to pre-fix your face before clicking away. In my case I decided to use my good ol Mamiya ZD


Step 2

Lights, if you have them make sure you adjust them for your exposure. That way the only thing you will be focused on is your face and the awkwardness that comes with it. =) 

IMG_8622 copy.jpg

Step 3

OK, this is the toughest part.. setting up your photo space. This means that you will have to pick a spot to focus on. For my photo, I used a chair and made my focal point the tip of the char circled in red. Next came setting my timer for about 20 secs.. this gave me enough time to pose myself and not have to wait and wait and wait for the shutter to go off! 


OK folks this is the final product... As awkward as it was to take a selfy, I got to say it was pretty fun and interesting. Ok, thats it for now.. now go take a photo of that silly face of yours! =) 

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