Embrace your photo mistakes

Yesterday was a pretty great day. As you know, a buddy and myself had a photoshoot. The only thing we were hoping for was that it didn't rain on us. Luckily the morning proved to be wet free! Last night I decided to toss my rolls in my tanks for some good ol developing. What I didn't expect was the way my D76 was going to develop my BW roll. I think its the batch that I used. This is basically the 2nd roll that this has happened to. The negatives were pretty dark and the grain structure when scanned was blotchy. In the end I managed to toss them in photoshop and produce some pretty awesome photos...I guess next time ill have to use a new batch of D76. Now on the other hand the Portra from the Mamiya rb67 were awesome.... the only mistake made was using 120 in a 220 back.. the spacing was off and cut off my last frame, which is a shame because it looked like a good one! ok.. on to the photos!!