Iphoneography..... if you cant beat them.. join them ... lol

So I have always been a big hater when it comes to iphoneography! I mean I guess its not so much the iPhone app or the camera, but more so the mentality behind it. Lets just filter it and call it photography. Well folks.. I hate to say this but I think I have finally found an app that might tug at my heart a little bit! Yup thats right This film guy actually has an iPhone photo app that he likes! alright enough of all the explaining.. the app is Vsco's cam app.  OK before you go any further and start to bash me I do have one thing to say. It tries to render film and to be honest does an awesome job at it! Doesn't help that the app developers also are pretty respected when it comes to their VSCO film plug in for Lightroom! anywho, Heres a quick snap I took today... kind of proud of it as well, had to sneak up to the guy pretty slowly =) If you have not downloaded VSCO CAM I suggest that you do so right MEOW!  CLick on the photo to link you to their site! 

UPDATE: Forgot I took a photo of some apples while grocery shopping, for kicks and giggles ran it through the app! =) Would also like to see how this app does editing a whole shoot! who's up for the challenge!?!?!? =) 


William HarrisComment