Soooo Busy!!!!

So If you haven't noticed... its been a while since I have posted anything. Well the reason is because I have super busy with all the photoshoots that I have had booked for the week..... ok that was a lie.. In reality it's because currently I am going to school for Business and have been trying to adjust to the whole school thing again. Another reason why the lack of posts is the cool leather I got from; trying to restore a few things... but thats for another post. As for tonight...we have had a few storms the last few days and well you know me and my undying love for digital, I just had to bust out my iphone and take this cool little video. Made it with a time lapse app... can't remember the name right now but you can just search "time lapse" and im sure you'll run into a few.. ok .. enough of my mumble jumble, here's the video!!! =) 

William Harris