The Great and Mighty Mamiya 645 Pro

For starters, I love this camera! To top it off, when you couple it with the famous 80mm 1.9 on it you are set for life! For those that don't know or have not been following, I was invited to a shoot this last weekend the theme was, The Great Gatsby! To say the least it was a blast! I ended up tossing some 220 VPS in a holder and shoot it at 100 instead of the 160 that is was originally rated as.The reason being is that after a few years the emulsion loses its light sensitivity, hence why they put an expiration date on it. Having shoot this film before on a previous shoot I learned that I need to expose it to more light in order to get satisfactory negatives. Side not I found  that for me, this film did better when I used ambient instead of flash. It could of been a number of factors as to why this was true.. poor calculation on my part maybe? I did post a few on a pervious post, but instead of thumbing through which ones I have already posted (laziness) I will just post the whole batch! =) 

William HarrisComment