Analog by Real Mac Software

Every now and then I run into cool little programs that are worthy of giving a quick shout out. Analog is a film replicating program put out by Real Mac Software and although there are tons of programs and plugins out there that do the same, they tend to be pretty pricey. Currently Analog runs for about 9.99 on the Mac App store. Now keep in mind these are quick fix filters and although pretty cool are not on the level of say what VSCO offers for Adobes Lightroom. The software is pretty easy, you just toss a photo in the editor and then select a filter. From there you can adjust the opacity of the filter and if you want you can even add a film border. Not to hard huh? simple and easy... I have added some photos edited via Analog for your viewing enjoyment =) 

Click on the Analog Icon to be taken to their site! 

William HarrisComment