Digital to Film Project!


Yes folks you heard it first from me! I am doing a Digital to FIlm Project if anyone is interested please contact me. I will be featuring a number of Digital photographers that will be shooting Film for the first time.  Each Photographer will be coached by me and together we will shoot a model! So gear up and get your FIlm goggles on, this is going to be an awesome Project!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Also please keep in mind that here will be FILM and Development Costs to the featured Photographer.  So if your interested please use the Form below, You know you want to be part of this!!!!!!!!   

Last note since there is already a a few people in line for this, that doesn't mean you cant sign up for a one on my 1 on 1 film sessions. 

Learning on Film Session Cost $100

Session includes 2 hours of explaining the in and outs of film and a Roll of 120mm film to be shot that day. Film, Development and scanning Cost is included in the $100 =) Session also includes Use of one of my awesome cameras =) 


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