Digital to Film Project prep!


Yes Folks, you read the title right, I am prepping for tomorrows first round of my Digital to film Project. If you have not got the idea of the project let me sum it up for you. The concept is to take a digital photographer and introduce them to the world of film. The photographer will be given one film camera and one roll of film. together we will shoot one model and once the session is done the photographer will answer a few questions about their film experience! I believe this will be an exciting project, both for the digitog and myself =) 

For our first round I would like to introduce Mrs. Sharilyn Wells!!


As you can tell Shari is not only a Nikon fan but is a pure bad ass as well! =) Although she has dabbled with film in the past, she has had bad luck rewinding and unloading the film! =) most people call these mishaps light leaks but I like to say she has sun leaks! =) But no worries Shari there will be no mishaps tomorrow!  

I would also like to introduce our model Patricia Dudley! 

Great Gatsby 6x6-5.jpg

I have only worked with Patricia once, but that one session was enough to invite her back! Patricia is what I would consider an awesome model, and what is that you ask? well my film loving friends an awesome model is someone that is truly into a photo session and understands the concept of body language and what it means to get into character! 

Ok folks, this film guy is going to bed, we have a big day tomorrow!!!!  

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