Gillis Hill Farm model shoot

This last saturday I had the pleasure to shoot at a very cool location, Gillis Farm located in Fayetteville NC.  For the purpose of the subject matter I will be splitting this post into two posts; one of the models and one consisting of the actual farm. One thing that made this shoot pleasant was the fact that it was a new location for me; saying that I wish I had shot the models using the environment a little more, but there is always next time. For this shoot I once again shot on my Mamiya rb67 using Portra 400 and Plus-x for my films.  What I am noticing is that the Mamiya as wonderful of a camera that it is, it is truly a studio camera. The camera is a bit difficult to set up mainly because the ground is not always level making a pain to set up a level shot. Then again I could always use a tripod with a ball head to fix this problem but for the time being I can afford one. Other then that it was a great shoot with some great shots. I will upload the model shots on this post and blog about the farm and post a few shots of the livestock in my next one. 

William HarrisComment