Got to love the dead!

Writers block...photographers block... whatever kind of block it is...we all get it.  For the most part, whenever this happens to me I usually drive out to a cemetery for some good graveyard photography. My choice of weapon... Mamiya RB67 loaded with some Plus-x. 

I wont bore you with all the details but basically since the film was expired I rated it at 100 instead of the intended 125. Side note: BW film tends to age much better then C41 does, when rating BW you don't have to be as dramatic as you would be with C41. When shooting expired C41 I tend to shoot it at half of its intended ISO. 

The shoot was pretty simple, walk about spot something that caught my eye I took its photo. The only difficulty I had was not having a tripod, for many not having a tripod would not be so much of a problem but trying to handhold a 10 lb with an awkward focusing system is pretty hard! In the end I got my shoots and felt rejuvenated! Here are the photos...enjoy! 


William HarrisComment