Orbit 4x5

Last week I put my Yashica Lynx 14 up for sale due to the fact that it had become a shelf queen and wasn't being used. I scored a bit of money for the camera and which in turn I used it to buy another camera... yes I know... I'm a camera hoarder! anyways, the camera I bought was a Burke and James Orbit 4x5! Arriving a few days ago I set out to do a bit of research on the in and outs of the camera. As the name suggests the camera takes 4x5 film and although I have a few boxes of BW 4x5 sheets, I'm not quite confident enough to just go shooting some 4x5 film without experimenting first with some paper negatives.  I would also like to mention that I am super excited about this camera because just like a Lensbaby (to put it into simple terms) this bad boy can tilt, shift and swing any which way I want! What does that mean you ask? Well my tilt, shift and swing loving fans, that means I can manipulate my focal plane to any direction I want! 


To test out the camera I decided to photograph a little figurine we have here at home. As I mentioned, I loaded a 4x5 holder with two sheets of photographic paper to be used as negatives. My exposure times were pretty long, 15 secs to be exact, but that was ok because my model wasn't going anywhere =) Once shot I tossed the sheets into some developer and less than a minute later, these two beautiful negatives emerged =) 


In both of these photos I added a bit of swing. My goal was to align my focal plane diagonal with the ballerina's head and arms. As you can tell I need more practice. Once dry, I then tossed them into the scanner and after a quick edit and inversion the two following photos were produced  =)  Can't wait till I get the hang of this camera so I can start shooting some portraits! Now those are going to be beyond awesome! 

ORBIT 4X5-.jpg
ORBIT 4X5-3.jpg