The feel of a photograph

Today while I was downtown and decided to stop at a local antique store. The cool part about the shop was the fact that they rent spaces to other sellers. This to me is awesome because each space is totally different from the next. In my search for that "cool new hipster camera" to display on my shelf I ran into a pile of old photographs. At first I was in awe of all the photos, this awesomeness was quickly followed by the feeling of guilt though. I say guilt because I couldn't help but think of the hundreds of negatives that I have in binders just sitting at home in there cute little negative sleeves. I could see each frame wiping tears of sadness, having never seen the light of an enlarger!

I bring this all up because I believe we as photographers need to print our photos! Don't worry I am guilty of this crime as well! Photographs were just not meant to be displayed on computer screens but printed on something you can feel and touch. I cant help but explain how awesome it feels to see your photos floating in your wash after being fixed (darkroom nerd talk!) I mean at least for the sake of dramatics having your photos on paper allowed you to rip them up or burn them if you were dumped or what not.. i mean how dramatic is hitting the delete button on your computer lol any ways here's a quick snap shot of that beautiful pile of memories I ran into today! 


William HarrisComment