Tri-x and HP5+ all in one photo session!

So for starters, this week has been crazy! In the midst of starting school and having a shoot this last saturday I managed to get invited to another shoot; this time with a very cool photographer... Chelsea Mckinley!  Our model was outstanding and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a professional yet fun individual. We started the shoot wanting to do some flash photography but for some reason everything was going wrong. It could have been the fact that my gear as you know is usually the stuff that is found in peoples closets and well.. lets just say even my gehtto skills couldn't save us! In the end I decided to go with ambient light! I decided to go with some Tri-x and HP5+, these two film for me are the pillars of what true BW film is all about. If your film savvy you can totally see the difference between the two.  so here you go folks.. lets see how film savvy you really are...which photos are Tri-x and which are HP5+?!?!? enjoy!  

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8F

FIlm: Tri-x, HP5+ 

Model: Victoria Anderson

MUA:  Mouna Evans

UPDATE: I decided to add the 3 flash photos that I did take while my Flash conundrum was going on =)  

NEX7, Lensbaby edge 80! 


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