4x5 practice!


A few weeks ago I shot at a Xena warrior shoot put on by a good friend of mine, Jamie Lawson.   As you know, my two main cameras were a Mamiya 645 Pro Tl (soon to be traded, I upgraded hehe!) and a Leica M3 (soon to be mine, maybe!) Although I was pleased with the results from the two cameras, what you don't know was that I had also brought my 4x5 to snap off two shots! My film of choice was a sheet of HP5+ and a sheet of FP4. Something I have come to learn is that it is rather difficult to get a shallow depth of field that is focused on your subject without them moving out of focus before you load the camera with a sheet of film. For those that don't know, in order to focus a 4x5 you have to use the ground glass on the back of the camera,  and only when you've your focus do you place your film holder in front of the ground glass. What sucks about this is that it blocks your "viewfinder,"  not allowing you to make sure that your still focused when you snap your shot. My solution to this conundrum is the example you see below! =)

4x5 ex.jpg

I know what your thinking...who the heck drew this master piece that stands before you!  Your answer is me! =) yes my friends apart from being an awesome film photographer I am also a mater photoshop brush artist! You see, when you take a photo with your camera lens pointed straight at your subject your plane of focus is flat, so if your subject were to take a step forward or backwards he or she would no longer be in focus. By tilting the lens downward I give myself and my subject wiggle room to ensure that they will be in focus. I am still fairly new to this whole 4x5 thing so Im not sure if this is right or not. If I am wrong please feel free to punch me in the face next time you see me. =) ok film folks thats all I got for you tonight. Here are the results of the two photos I took that weekend! =)   

4x5 warrior -1-Edit.jpg
4x5 warrior -2-Edit.jpg
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