Mamiya 645 AF

Alright folk time for a quick look at one of my new toys! I present to you the Mamiya 645 AF! Now I know what most of you are thinking, how the heck is this guys always buying new cameras!? easy, they are not new and its called camera recycling =) Yes you heard me right Camera recycling! thats when you sell your old gear and move up and when you find a sweet deal you do it all over again!!! yay! =) so with that said I have a beautiful Mamiya 645 Pro for sale! If anyone locally is interested please contact me for pricing, if not it will be listed on Ebay where it will sell like a hot cake! 

Anywho, the real reason of the post is to share a few test shots I took with the camera. To be honest I'm already loving the camera, the main reason being is the fact that I get to shoot at 1/4000 of a sec instead of the 1/1000 that the Mamiya 645 pro did. I know what your thinking why don't you put an ND filter on it and BAM problem fixed! All I have to say is have you ever tired manually focusing with a 4 or more stop ND filter.. its pretty hard! Another plus is that fact that my settings get imprinted on the border of the film. Alright on to the photos! =)   

Mamiya AF Test-206.jpg
Mamiya AF Test-192.jpg
Mamiya AF Test-189.jpg
Mamiya AF Test-205.jpg
Mamiya AF Test-195.jpg
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