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Well look what the cat dragged out of the "oh crap I forgot to blog about this!" bag! Yes folks, even I have my down falls =) If you remember from my last Digital to Film session I had invited the lovely Sharilyn to photograph the awesome Patricia Dudley. What I forgot to blog about was the fact I had shoot on a Polaroid 420 as well!  SAY WHAT! THEY STILL MAKE FILM FOR THOSE THINGS??? Yup and this guy had the privilege of shooting a pack of 3000B that day! For those that don't know, these are the peel apart polaroids and no you don't have to "shake it like a polaroid picture" as OutKast puts it. =) 


polaroid D2F-174.jpg

What makes this Polaroid awesome is the fact that it looks cool =) And to be honest, with that thing around my neck, I kind of felt like a tourist walking around that day! Another cool characteristic about this camera that separates it from more modern polaroids like the OneStep polaroids, is the fact that it is focused through a rangefinder! That's where you look through the camera, and with the help of a spilt image you focus by aligning the two images into one =) 

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Photo courtesy of

Once the photo is taken you then pull the photo out of the camera and wait a total of 15 secs for the photo to develop. There is talk whether a polaroid has to be pulled apart right there and then or if it can sit around for a few hours before doing so. I tired both ways and what I found out is that you need to pull them apart right there and then. 

polaroid D2F-171.jpg

The reasoning behind this is because when you pull the polaroid out of the camera, a series of chemicals get spread throughout the photo and if allowed to dry, the emulsion will stick to the negative side damaging the photo giving it a grungy look.  The upside to this is that the photo can turn out pretty cool. Also you need to be careful to store your photos at room temperature. DO NOT store them in your car THEY WILL MELT! =( 

polaroid D2F-166.jpg

I would like to mention one last thing, when peeling the polaroid apart remember to keep the negative side. You can scan them later and invert them in photoshop. In my case the negatives were damaged due to the heat, but even then when scanned, they turned out pretty cool! 

polaroid D2F-164.jpg

Alright thats it for are the rest of the polaroids. I uploaded both the negatives and positives for your film enjoyment!  Can you guess which ones are which?!?!?! 

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