Sync Speed

Sync Speed, for those that don't know, is the maximum speed your shutter can be when using flash and for most film cameras that was 1/60th of a sec. Now I know what you are about to say, "But my camera shoots to 1/1000 of a sec, why can't I use my flash at that speed?" Because my friend, your flash outputs at a certain speed and shooting faster then that speed gives you partial exposures! That my friends, is what happened to me 2 weekends ago! Here is one of the many shots that resulted in my shutter speed being faster then my actual flash sync speed. 


To tell the truth, this was a total amateur move. I should of known better and in my defense I did set my shutter to the right speed. On most film cameras your sync speed is designated by a RED X. Setting my camera to this RED X, I should of got good exposures. But my mistake was not in the settings, but in not testing out the triggers that I used for the shoot before hand. You see the triggers that I used were designed to be used with Canon equipment. My camera being a Minolta, although triggering the flashes, they didn't play well as far as syncing up.  In the end I was still able to scan the negatives and crop out the partial exposures.  Once scanned and cropped, I then tossed them in Exposure 4 to give me a wet plate look =) I felt that I needed to redeem the photos after my fiasco =) Lesson of the day....Test out your equipment before hand. Also remember to set your sync speed according to your camera. Now onto the photos =) 

doll 35mm--Edit.jpg
doll 35mm-264-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
doll 35mm-267.jpg
doll 35mm-261-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
doll 35mm-268.jpg
doll 35mm-272-Edit.jpg
doll 35mm-273-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
doll 35mm-283-Edit.jpg
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