Greece comes to town!

A few weeks ago some of the local photographers, models, and makeup/hair artists came together to to form a fantastic concept. The only problem was that the shoot was suppose to be indoors but due to some confusion we had to shoot outside. 

Leica greek-569.jpg

The problem wasn't so much that we were suppose to shoot indoors, but with the fact that the concept was suppose to be a more "studio like" shoot. As it turned out this was not going to take place. instead what we had to work with was a few trees and some shade =) which In my opinion turned out great! 

leica greek-613.jpg

Being that we were limited due to the area the shady tree spot flooded quick with everybody. But being the "nice" photographers that we are we shared and no fights broke out =) But if we would have...something tells me that my heavy film cameras would have caused a few black eyes =)  

leica greek-628.jpg

In the end the shoot was a success! Shooting on multiple cameras and two type of film (Tri-x400, and Portra) the photos came out awesome! For the time being this post will only showcase the photos taken on Tri-x 400, the Portra (color) photos deserve their own post =) 

Click on the photos to view them in a lightbox! 

Models:Shanique Stephens, Johanna Freehan, Aleena MsDiamond Sadler, Natalie Maddox, Tim Anjel, Brandon Alexander, Aisha Montgomery

Makeup: Doris Hill, Laquita Hill, 

Hair:  Natasha Gibson, Crystal AnnJae Johnson,