As Promised, I present to you the photos taken on my Portra roll from last last weekend! Just as a reminder, for those that do not know, Portra is Kodaks most awesome super duper film from heaven dumped to us from above! 

mamiya greek-936 copy.jpg

Quick Film tip: when shooting Portra it is best to take an ambient reading and add .5 to that exposure. I would go deeper into explaining this concept but I think you might be better off googling it! =) 


As you can tell, Im running out of things to say about this shoot =) but heres a little behind the senses info! Did you know that most of these shoots where taken with itty bitty tiny ants crawling on both the models and photographers! No joke! It was ANT HEAVEN that day, the strange part was that they didn't really bite us... I guess some were saying they were sugar ants, don't ask.. I didn't even know there was such a thing =)

mamiya greek-946.jpg

As always the shoot was fun and could have not done it without the help of our awesome hair and makeup artists! I would also like to give a shout out to all the models for putting up with our tiny critter friends and for my slow focusing cameras =) alright, here are the rest enjoy!  

Click on the photos to view them in lightbox! 

Models:Shanique Stephens, Johanna Freehan, Aleena MsDiamond Sadler, Natalie Maddox, Tim Anjel, Brandon Alexander, Aisha Montgomery, Joy Anna

Makeup: Doris Hill, Laquita Hill, 

Hair:  Natasha Gibson, Crystal AnnJae Johnson,