The Leica and the farmer

Last weekend my wife and I went to the Farmers Market to see what good deals we could find! Other then getting some awesome prices on tomatoes, onions, and jalepeños to make some homemade salsa, I was able to snap off a roll of what I would like to call "The Leica and the Farmer"  

William Harris fayetteville nc

What I found most interesting was the fact that the people at the Farmers Market were so friendly. Not only that, but they were so caught up in making a sale that they acted almost like I was invisible; which was perfect for candids =) 

greek leica-984.jpg

During this whole episode, I basically tossed all exposure readings out the window. Usually I take a reading for ever photo I take. When ever I shot Black and White, I would spot meter on the subjects face to get a middle gray reading and adjust from there according to the subjects skin tone. Instead, I decided to put the sunny 16 rule into effect. Being that it was about an F11 outside in the sun (a few clouds were out), the rule states that anything in the shade would be a 3 stop difference. So with that in mind, I set my aperture 3 stops down; opening my aperture to a F4.  

greek leica-978.jpg

In the end I got a hand full of shots, all of which I was happy with! Thanks to my one exposure experiment, I was able to focus more on my surroundings then trying to meter and potentially missing a great shot! alright as always, here are the rest! Hope you enjoy them! I know I did! oh and BTW the salsa was delicious!