When life happens...

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Going through my photos from this last weekend I could not hep but come to a conclusion, that when you least expect it life happens, and its those moments that we need to be ready for. Some photographers call it lifestyle photography, photographing a client and their family while they interact; which in itself is cool, but what makes "lifestyle" photography awesome is the connection that they capture; and that my friends is where the magic lies. As photographers we need to watch people for who they are, and not as subjects captured with wide apertures; only to be ohhh-ed and awe-ed about later because of the bokah craze! What I am saying is no mater how you photograph a person, photograph them for who they are, look for those little moments when that true AWE is revealed, and only then.. should you press the shutter button. Anything else is just plain luck if you ask me! =) 

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