A sliver of focus - Mamiya 80mm F1.9

Camera: Mamiya AF  Lens: Mamiya 80mm F1.9  Film: Expired Portra 160NC@100

Camera: Mamiya AF

Lens: Mamiya 80mm F1.9

Film: Expired Portra 160NC@100

Talk about razor thin! That was the thought that first ran through my mind when I first shot on Mamiya's 80mm F1.9. As it is, an aperture of 1.9 on a full frame can be pretty shallow, but to shoot that same 1.9 on medium format is breath taking. Well to be honest, this is what I thought before picking it up again after having sold my Mamiya Pro TL.  I bring this up because the Pro Tl has such a beautiful viewfinder and was it bright and easy to focus on! and well...The Mamiya AF and AFD not so much. Not only that, but the prism isn't interchangeable. On the Pro TL, I had an awesome prism that allowed me to adjust my diopter all the way to -5 (quick pause... if I've lost you by now... do a quick google search for diopter, look it over.. meditate on it for a while... then come back and re-read this post...slap your forehead... and then in a loud voice.. say..."Ohhhh.. i get it... duh!"). I guess when it comes to adjustments I need an adjustment of -3 or so, the AF and AFD only allows one to adjust to a -2.  Whats the point of this post you ask... well let me tell you....there really isn't one. Long story short, I had to order an attachment that allows me to adjust to a -3.

Ok, I guess I'm done boring you with all the details... i did mange to take a few shots this week just for the heck of it.. not going to lie.. once I scanned the roll I couldn't help but fall in love with the lens all over again... I mean, I did miss focus on some of the shots, but for the most part I was pleased with the roll. Alright, I'm done for now.. for your entertainment, Im posting both photos, missed focus and those that I got spot on! 

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