Fashion comes to Cameron!

This last week as you know a few friends and I shoot the Lovely Mariah Hopkins. Other than me losing and finding my light meter, I would have to say the shoot was a success! There was one more mishap though, and that was confusing my color film with my black and white film. I know, your probably thinking whats the big deal.  Well for those that don't know, there are certain ways in exposing different films to get a certain look. 

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When it came to my color roll I shot on my Mamiya RB67 loaded with Portra 400. What saved me was the fact that my BW roll was also 400. Although the ISO speeds where the same, I tend to only overexpose my color film by half a stop. Thinking I was shooting BW film, which I spot meter and usually expose according to a persons skin color, in this case about a stop and a third, I overexposed way too much. Out of the roll I was only able to save these 4 shots. Which if I would have only shot this roll I would have been kind of upset, but being that I also shot both my Mamiya 645's, one loaded with BW film and the other with my digital back I was ok with these results. 

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As I said Above, I also shot on my digital back, the Mamiya ZD! For the most part I mirrored most of the shots I took on my BW roll. The only difference was that one these instead of shooting on my 80mm F2.8 lens I shot on one of Mamiya's most coveted lens the 80mm F1.9! What I love about this lens is the fast fall off that it has when shooting portraits.

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Lastly, I present to you my BW roll shot on my Mamiya AF 645 loaded with Ilford's HP5+. For those that don't know, this is my go to film! Although metered incorrectly I was still able to get some amazing shots! Most of these are definitely worthy of being printed in my darkroom! Alright Folks, thats it for now. Thanks for your continuing support when it comes to following my blog and if you haven't yet please don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter! Until next time my silly photography loving nerds! 

Photos were shot on the following:

cameras: Mamiya AF, Mamiya AFD, and a Mamiya RB67

Medium: Portra 400, HP5+, and a Mamiya XD

Model:  Mariah Hopkins


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