Bleaching Fujifilm FP-100c Instant Film Negatives

As you all know, I have recently been experimenting with instant film. As far as own experience went, I have always known that fuji's FP 3000b produces a positive as well as a negative. This negative of course can scanned and inverted in photoshop rendering some very interesting results. What I was not aware of was that Fuji's FP-100c also produces a negative. I say this because the negative to a FP-100c is actually kind of hidden. To see the negative, what one needs to do is apply some bleach to the back of the "negative" which when left for a few mins removes the black coating making the negative transparent. As confusing as this may seem, I decided to make a short video demonstrating how it is actually done. I also uploaded the inverted scan of the negative. Other then that, hope you enjoy both the video and scan.  

William Harris1 Comment