Slide Film Photos: Thrift Store Find

This weekend was pretty adventures to say the least! From the photos below you can guess it! I was finally able to do to some street photography in the lovely city of Hong Kong! Ok... maybe that wasn't the case... but it sure felt like it. I happen to stumble upon a pretty rad thrift store this last Saturday and couldn't help but feel like I was in thrift store heaven. 

For those that do not know... true thrift store hunting is not for the light hearted. I have seen many of people walk into these types of establishments and just become instantly over whelmed with the countless number of aisles stacked with hidden treasures. For me... thrift stores are the place where true happiness exists! =) 

Growing up, I remember that some of my most fond memories where that of early morning garage sales and thrift store shopping with my mother. When I say we lived at these locations.. i mean it.. we lived there. All in all, we always managed to come home with something... some days were better then others... but this last Saturday totally brought me back down memory lane. 

Alright... but what about the photos??? To be honest I do not know much about them... What lead me to find that these photos were taken in Hong Kong was the photo you see above. After a quick google search of the "Jumbo Floating Restaurant" I was presented with a number of results for Hong Kong being its location. Sorting through the stack of slides I purchased.. I picked some of the top street photos that Spoke out to me the most. So without further delay, scroll down and check them out yourself. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed =) 

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