Street Photography: Southern Pines

William Harris Fayetteville NC North Carolina Darkroom Portraits

Street Photography: The Act of capturing Life on the streets! Thats what street photography boils down to... at least for me it does. Of course there are tricks and tips as to how one should approach street photography, but the biggest tip I could give anyone brave enough to try it out is to not be afraid and do it.

Apart from proper composition and having the patience to wait for the right moment. One needs understand that as a street photographer, you are not there to be rude and just start taking pictures of everyone that crosses your path. My approach is to either be subtle or ask politely.  

One thing I do find helpful in approaching people to take their photo is to ask them if they would like their portrait taken. The term Portrait just sounds more professional. That said, I do believe that if you offer to take their portrait that you do just that. Pose them, have them look directly at the camera.... and above all make sure that you take your time as you would a client. Because as it is... they are sharing a piece of themselves with you. Something that I consider to be priceless when it comes to human interaction. 

All in all, I challenge any photographer out there to give street photography a try. Also do not take the easy way out and take photos from afar, or the back of people's heads. Be brave, interact, in the end I bet you walk away feeling pretty proud of yourself and of the photos you captured from your willingness to try something new. 

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