A model's Closet!


OK... so last week was a bridal shoot and believe it or not... right afterwards I was invited to yet another shoot! Dude... I know... talk about being busy! Ok...  now this shoot was pretty fun to say the least. I titled this post a Model's Closet... well because thats what we asked for when trying to figure out a wardrobe for this shoot... basically we said.. bring whatever you got.... we will make it work! 

CANON TEST wedding581.jpg
CANON TEST wedding583.jpg

For this shoot, I felt a little like a baker... a pinch of this.. and dash of that... and there we go.. outfit made! HAHA...  Needless to say we had fun with it. Ok as far as the formats for this shoot there was pretty much a bit of everything. First of all, of course I had my Mmaiya ZD, those are the rectangle ones you see and the square photos (6x6) were shoot on my Rollieflex 2.8F. For film, I went with two types, Black and White (Hp5+) and C41 (Kodak Portra 160). 


Another thing that made this shoot pretty fun was that we kind of had a theme but then we Kind of didn't. As Stated above, it was pretty much a free for all! We were going for some good ol fashion Urban-ness, but ended up with a bit of  AE/folk/Americana instead! Which to me was cool.. I mean who says fashion has to look a certain way! 

CANON TEST wedding574.jpg
CANON TEST wedding585.jpg
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