Bridal Shoot!

MMFC0154 as Smart Object-1.jpg

Ok, so its been a busy two weeks... and I know, I know...  your probably asking what the heck I have been up to!? Well... let me tell you... I have been traveling the world with some of the most advance film photographer shooters this world has ever seen!!! HAHA..Ok, maybe thats not the case.. in reality I have just been swamped with homework and well shoot after shoot after shoot! 


As you can tell, this last week I was invited to partake in a Bridal Shoot! Personally, I have not shoot a Bridal shoot in like ever... and to be honest, the closest thing to one was a wedding I did 4 years ago! Yea.. tell me about it.. that was a long time ago!

CANON TEST wedding555-2.jpg
CANON TEST wedding561.jpg
CANON TEST wedding558.jpg

As you can tell, for this shoot I shot on two formats... the first being digital which I used my Mamiya ZD (Digital Back) and the 2nd was some Black and White Film (HP5+) on my lovely Rolleiflex 2.8F! Alright thats it for now... until next time my photo junkies...  =) 

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